We are focused on research and development and manufacturing of fine green nano-chemicals, and low-carbon new materials

Nano-Chem Concrete is mainly engaged in manufacturing, sales & service of fine chemical green & low-carbon new material products. Also engaged in construction chemical, new materials, environmental protection new materials business modules. Products are used in concrete constructions Additive & other industries.
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Product has good adaptability to cement, and higher adaptability to various sand & gravel and cementing materials.


The cost of Nano-Chem products are significantly lower than other types of products.


Earlier strength and High strength, and 28-day strength have been significantly improved, providing compressive strength.

Less Water

Water reduction rate can reach more than 30%, improving durability and reducing shrinkage & thixotropy.

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A various choice of fine green chemicals and low-carbon new materials, including cement & concrete admixtures

Polycarboxylic Acid Series High Performance Superplasticizer

The cement grinding aid obtained by mixing. Other materials with the mother liquor of grinding aid can significantly improve the strength of cement in earlier and later stages, and reduce the cost of grinding aid at the same time.

This product is green, chlorine free and non-flammable.

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Polycarboxylic Acid Series High Performance Superplasticizer

1. The product has good adaptability to cement.
2. The cost of this product is significantly lower than that of products manufacture from other types of polycarboxylic acid raw materials.
3. If the product contains 22% solid content and 1.1 % concrete content: water reduction rate can reach more than 30%.
4. The product has the features of earlier strength and high strength, and the earlier strength and 28-day strength have been significantly improved, compressive strength ratio %: 1d≥180, 3d≥170, 7d≥160, 28d≥150.
5. The product has high durability, and it can effectively reduce concrete water binder ratio, improving durability and reducing shrinkage & thixotropy.
6. The product has a low slump loss and initial growth trend, without affecting the strength, and it has a slow release effect, slump retention value: ?190mm.
7. The product is a green environmentally friendly product, oxychloride ion content:≤0.1 %, which is in line with ISO14000 environmental friendly international management standards.
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Polycarboxylic Acid Series High-Performance Superplasticizer

1. Excellent mud resistance: For sand & gravel materials with high mud content, it can effectively reduce the loss of concrete over time.
2. Water reduction performance: It has high dispersion performance for cement, fly ash and other bonding materials.
3. Excellent slump retention: it can effectively inhibit the hydration reaction rate of cement hydration in the initial stage and induction stage.
4. Improve the workability of concrete:The concrete cohesiveness is good, the sand & gravel encapsulation is excellent, and the concrete fluidity is excellent.
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Polycarboxylic Acid Series High Performance Superplasticizer

1. High water reduction rate:lt can make the mortar water reduction rate reach more than 20%, in the case of the same mortar water addition, it can greatly improve the fluidity of the mortar.
2. Early strength and high strength:lt can improve the early strength of mortar, and can also improve the ultimate strength, so it is the best choice for various applications requiring rapid curing.
3. High durability: It can reduce the water-binder ratio of mortar, improve the durability, reduce shrinkage and creep, and reduce the shrinkage and cracking of mortar after curing.
4. Green and environmentally friendly products:The production process does not generate pollution to the natural environment, and it is in line with ISO14000 environmental protection management international standards.
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Polycarboxylic Acid Series High-Performance Water Reducer

1. High water reduction rate:lt can make the water reduction rate reach more than 25%, in the case of the same water addition of concrete, it can greatly improve the fluidity;
2. High slump retention:Due to the role of high temperature, the carboxylic acid groups of traditional polycarboxylic acid powder water reducer will be damage more or less to some extent during the spray drying process. Thus, the slump retention performance of liquid converted into solid is greatly reduced. NC-904 is manufactured with a special process, so that the carboxylic acid groups are not damaged during the powder manufacturing process, thus preserving the slump retention of the mother liquor of original solution.
3. Good solubility and fast dissolution rate:Due to its uniform particles, the specific surface area is large. So it dissolves very quickly during the water dissolution process. And there are no obvious impurities after dissolution.
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Polycarboxylic Acid Series High-Performance Water Reducer

1. Special molecular structure: special branch chain structure design is used for hydrolysis reaction in fresh concrete. By adjusting the structure of the branch chain, the hydrolysis rate of any adjustment period can be arbitrarily adjusted within the effective time, so as to achieve the selective slump retention effect.
2. Slow release: after the product is incorporated into concrete, the slow hydrolysis occurs. After hydrolysis, the original macromolecule releases carboxylic acid group, while a small amount of small molecule substances has a certain dispersion effect. Hydrolysis gradually ends over time and finally terminates.
3. Economy: this product has certain water reduction performance, and its water reduction rate can reach 50% of that of the water reducer mother solution of the same type, which can significantly lower the dosage of water reducer in the same system and reduce the economic cost.
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Polycarboxylic Acid Series High-Performance Superplasticizer

1. Excellent cohesion: good adhesion to pumped concrete, so that pumped concrete has good workability, no delamination, no segregation, no water.
2. Wide adaptability: very wide adaptability, mixed with various Portland cement, ordinary Portland cement, slag Portland cement and admixtures of pumped concrete have good plastic and water retention effects.
3. Green environmental protection: no formaldehyde and other harmful ingredients.
4. The homopolycarboxylate superplasticizer has good compatibility.
5. In the dosage range, the rheology of the concrete and the gel time have little effect.
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Admixture for Functional Concrete

1. It can improve the performance of fresh concrete: Improve workability; reduced bleeding; low pumping friction.
2. Superposition effect of water reduction:lt solves sensitive problems such as saturation point due to over-incorporated admixtures.
3. Efficient activation function: It can maximize the activation of water reducer and disperse bonding materials.
4. Impermeability/crack resistance:The compactness is enhanced to improve impermeability and reduce concrete cracks.
5. Freeze-thaw/carbonization resistance:lmprove the freeze-thaw and carbonization resistance of concrete.
6. No corrosion:No added chlorine, potassium, sodium and other ions, and sodium sulfate is controlled at the lowest level.
7. Energy saving and consumption reduction:lt can reduce the dosage of cement by 10% to 15%, and it can maintain or exceed the benchmark strength.
8. Green and environmentally friendly:The product is non-toxic and pollution-free, and the production is zero emissions, which is a green and environmentally friendly building material.
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Cement Admixture

This product is made of polyol molecules based on molecular modification. By adding functional groups with strong complexation ability, the dispersibility of the product is improved, and the induced hydration ability of the synthetic
product is also improved. The direct single use or combination of other materials as grinding aid can ensure the strength of the cement while ensuring the grinding aid. This product can reduce the dependence of grinding aid on high-priced chemical raw materials (such as triethanolamine), while without adverse effect on the strength of cement in the later stage, and it can also ensure the performance of concrete in the later stage. The product is chlorine-free, non-flammable and green.
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